Microdermabrasion is the process by which dead skin cells are removed from the skin to give the skin a fresh rejuvenated look. Initially, it was only ideal for celebrities, but nowadays, you can find them pretty much in every high-end professional spa. With such popularity, it is very usual for a face treatment like microdermabrasion to enter the space of homes from professional spas. In this article, we are going to focus on the very topic of performing it at home.

How do you perform it at home?

Actually, there are different ways of performing microdermabrasion at spas as well as at homes, and the home-scene comes with a greater amount of variety. Some people do it a particular way, whereas some others do it in a totally opposite way. Few prefer to do it simply by using baking soda, water and toner. There are certain products usable for home treatment too, like Dr. Denese Cream, Olay Regenerist, Mary Kay TimeWise etc. In most cases, microdermabrasion products suitable for home use ranges from $15 to $75.

Microdermabrasion at Home

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What are the differences between professional and home microdermabrasion?

The truth is that home treatment is not a replacement for professional care. At home, it normally involves only facial scrubs with the help of aluminum oxide, which is pretty basic. Besides, if you do it at home, all those modern spa devices are out of reach, and so, deep treatment is not really ideal for the home-scene. Home treatment essentially is about short term care consisting of just slight amount of rejuvenation. For the lack of quality active ingredients, you can hardly perform truly lasting and effective microdermabrasion at home. Even if you end up buying the tools used in professional spas, you will not do really great since the use of those tools require high amount of training, and can be dangerously harmful to the skin if not used with expertise.

When should I perform microdermabrasion at home?

You can choose the option of home treatment if you do not like to go to spas too much, or want to save some money. If your requirement is only short time mild exfoliation, and you want okay treatment, then this will suit you fine under most circumstances. However, if you truly want your skin to look as best as it should, professional care is important! Doing it at home can be beneficial, but remember to visit a good spa to get it done professionally from time to time. That way, you get the best of both worlds! Also, when performing this at home, be sure to approach your dermatologist to check the suitability of the Microdermabrasion Kit you intend to use on your skin.